The start of a new year!

I'm finally getting around to sharing some wedding loveliness with you! Apologies for being such a poor blogger! Well it's been an exciting few eldest daughter is well into her degree as a student midwife, so far having delivered 27 babies herself! Makes me feel very old all of a sudden!! My other daughter is being amazing in her art diploma! My eldest boy is now towering over me at 6'2"...and rowing in the British indoor championships! My youngest is becoming an amazing drummer and defying everything the doctors said he would be when he was born 14 weeks early, 12 years ago! Life is good. I look at my family and marvel at everything they are becoming! We spent an amazing white Christmas in Canada...a great time to pause and enjoy family, friends and everything good around us. I hope Christmas was enjoyed by all of you! But now, let us depart on a new adventure filled with beautiful flowers. I'm so excited about all of the weddings I have coming up this year and can't wait to share them with you! But for now, here's some snowy Christmas photos of my favourite people, favourite places and New year sleigh rides!