Bright & Beautiful!

2013 is definitely going to be a year full of colour! With gorgeous coloured gowns on the catwalk and rainbow accessories everywhere, there’s no end of ways to bring some bold, bright colour into your wedding day.
If you’re not feeling brave enough to move away from a traditional white dress, why not choose bright, mismatched dresses for your bridesmaids?

(Image from Florida-Bride)

(Image from Love and Lavender)

These dresses look stunning when accessorized with different coloured bouquets and shoes for each bridesmaid!

(Image from Tumblr)

Or how about a colourful bouquet for you?

(Flowers by Michele Gledhill)

Even the groom and groomsmen can have some fun with shoes or buttonholes!

(Image from Bonbon Photography)

Even simple parasols can be used to add a pop of colour!

(Image from Its a Brides Life)

Decorating a ceremony or reception space in this rainbow palette can be a challenge as you will want to avoid making it ‘tacky’ or overdone, but there are some really simple ways of creating a fun, colourful atmosphere...balloons, ribbons, paper lanterns and pinwheels are perfect for this...

(Image from Burnetts Boards)

(Image from Elizabeth Anne Designs)

(Image from Brides)

How about a rainbow of sweets for your guests or a stunning rainbow cake?

(Image from Bloved Weddings)

(Image from Austin Wedding Blog)

I particularly love these multicoloured giant paper flowers...

(Image from Weddings by Sher)

So what do you think? If there are any brides out there brave enough to try this I’d love to hear from you!!