A bohemian woodland shoot...

Last month I got a call from Lydia at Save the Date Magazine asking me if I'd like to be part of a team putting together a gorgeous outdoor woodland shoot with a bohemian edge to it. Of course I said 'Sure' and my brain began whirling with crazy ideas as usual!! So, all was going well and I had created a lovely, romantic lace canopy for our 'summery' shoot...that was until the morning of the shoot!!! I woke up at 7 and opened my curtains to see a blanket of snow...yes...remember that day in the Easter break when it snowed and rained and we had gale force winds for most of the day???? This began a series of frantic texts to Lydia...'Help!!! What are we going to do????!' But, after the panic wore off we decided as a team to be very British about it and 'Keep calm and carry on!'

I had the most amazing photographer to work with...Mandy from Dottie Photography did an incredible job and with her friend Photoshop made the sun shine for us!!! I don't know how the pair of us didn't collapse with hypothermia...we were out there for over 4 hours, our fingers had lost all feeling and we were trying to remember why we do these things!! But as you can see, it was definitely worth it...the pictures are amazing and we survived!! So it's all good!

The shoot took place at Kelham House, just outside Newark on Trent which is a beautiful venue! At least our model was able to keep warm! Hair by Charlotte Wesson and makeup by Rochelle was stunning!

Not only is Mandy an incredible photographer but she makes the most beautiful stationary...see the rest of her designs at Dottie Creations

Pinning this table plan to the tree was entertaining though considering I couldn't feel my fingers!!

I'll leave you with a final image of my favourite bouquet so far this year! Hope you like it...

Big thanks to everyone that was involved...I love working with you all! 

See the feature article in this months issue of Save The Date Magazine!!