It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

As you can probably tell...Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year...I love cosy evenings, twinkle lights, loads of decorations, time with family and friends and the excuse to cook lots of lovely food...although I do wonder why we wait till December for all these things...I had a friend in Canada who left a tree up all year and redecorated it for each holiday!! You could have a Valentines Easter tree...yeah, maybe not!! A little extreme but fun all the same! So I've finally managed to put all my decorations up...just the outside lights to go now!! I'll have to persuade my lovely hubby to help me with that one! I thought I'd show you some piccie's in case you need to get inspired to put up your decorations...although I'm sure you're far more organised than me and have been ready for weeks!! We have 2 trees this and gold in the family room (to go with the newly painted red wall!!) and plum and glass in the living room!

How about putting some twinkle lights on a mirror? I added a cute little mitten and boot garland to finish it off...

Windowsills look great with a decorated garland...

My daughter made some gorgeous little red & white pom poms, so we added some polka dot baubles and stacked them in a cakestand!

I love decorating archways...for this one I made some fabric hearts in red and white fabrics...

Don't forget the bannisters!!

You'll find these little guys everywhere in our house...the kids love them...although the dog's not too sure! He walks past acting like they're not freaking him out and gives them an occasional sniff!

Vintage glass cake stands look great with baubles or beaded fruits like these...

Garlands, garlands everywhere!! I just can't resist!

My husband has been telling me for years that I have too many Christmas decorations and I think that this year I have to agree...I had about 4 boxes left over!! I'll have to start hiring out! I love collecting ornaments and these plum coloured fruits and glass ones have to be my favourites!

I know...more garlands...but I love them on antique furniture...don't stop me now!! Glass and mercury glass candlesticks are perfect too!

Simple greenery and a few flowers over the fireplace to finish it all off...perfect!

So there you have it...Christmas at my place! How are you decorating your home this year? I'd love to hear your ideas or send through your own pictures if you'd like to share them here!!