breathe in..breathe out..

Do you ever wake up bursting with creative inspiration...desperate to make something...sometimes something just a little bit different...unable to breathe until you get it out of your system?? Sadly I do...much to my husbands annoyance...but once I have I can breathe again and I am much easier to live with!! So my lovely friend Jade and I have decided to get together and share our creative ideas and bring you, (hopefully !!), a weekly blog of mini style sessions to inspire you. Forgive us if we fall behind but we will try our best!

So here is our first offering...a vintage style balsa flower bouquet and buttonhole, beautifully photographed by Jade. I put together the bouquet using these gorgeous balsa wood flowers and vintage style lace flowers finished with the cutest buttons. I finished it with a cuff of mink coloured feathers and dusky pink lace handle.

This could be such a lovely alternative to a traditional bouquet along with this balsa flower buttonhole. I decided to mix it with natural, miniature cones and a more masculine deep brown ribbon!

Finally, a milk glass vase of 'Curly Sue' tulips!

Hope you feel inspired! Have a lovely weekend!