I think my dog is talking to me!

Every morning I come home from dropping my kids off at school and he's always waiting...ready...knowing this is his turn now to go out!! But in case I didn't realise this he has recently taken to having my things ready so we can go straight out the door! Over the last few weeks, Bailey has decided that once I've left the house he is going to find my gloves in the basket on the stairs and take them to his bed, hold them in his paws and wait...so this is how I find him...

So over the past few days I have decided to test his commitment to communicate and have hidden my gloves under piles of scarves and gloves...but no...he still finds them and waits! He has made his point! So it is off to the car...how can I refuse him??!!

Whether he loves me or the walk more I have yet to find out!!! Have a great day!