Christmas has arrived...

Christmas has arrived in our house!! Two trees are up, garlands and twinkle lights are everywhere, the gingerbread candle is burning and the garden has already been covered with snow, with more to come!! What more could I ask for?? I was starting to worry that I wouldn't want to see my decorations again, having used them for a number of shoots recently...but no...still as fun as always!
I had a really nice time with my son Joshua last week...we had an hour alone, he got in touch with his feminine side and helped me decorate our tree with the plum and glass decorations. Now, you have to understand that this is normally sacred ground...done alone at midnight, with a nice glass of wine when the kids are asleep! So I feel I must congratulate myself for letting go of being a Christmas control freak...temporarily mind you!! I think he did a pretty good job!

Everybody helped decorate the big tree in the family and gold this year and all the decorations the kids have made over the years. I love the traditions and sense of family that Christmas brings...these are the special times that we share with our families...sometimes I get a bit too busy at this time of year and lose sight of the simple's good to just stop and enjoy being together!